Mobile Phone Users Panel

The usage of mobile phone in consumer research

has enabled quick and cost-effective reach to mobile phone users. These panelist are profiled on multiple variables that are updated on a regular basis. The users of our Mobile Phone Users Panel are accessible through both online and the mobile Track Opinion Survey Platform.

Track Opinion can help in gathering feedback through mobile-optimized surveys or even through SMS. Mobile Panel is extremely helpful in conducting event-based research

Mobile Phone Users are classified on the following attributes:

Mobile phone type
Phone Ownership
Pre-pay or a contract
Business or personal phone
Handset brand
Internet connection
Service / features regularly used
Monthly phone bill spend

Mobile Phone Users are classified on the following attributes:

Connect with people on the go

It's easy to respond to survey's on-the-go, the Mobile Panelists can conveniently participate in research studies while traveling.

Gather fresh insights

It is helpful in seeking fresh insight of a live-event as the mobile phones are generally carried 24/7. This channel of respondents can be easily and quickly access at any time during the day.

Conduct research with a short turn-around

The average time take by mobile phone users to read a new message is 15 minutes, this makes mobile phones the fastest mode of information exchange for research needs. We help our clients in accessing the need of mobile research and feasibility through mobile panel.

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